Thursday, August 3, 2017

Eligibility of divorced daughters for grant of family pension - clarification regarding.

G No. 1/13/09-P&PW (E)
Government of India
Ministry of Personnel, P.G. & Pensions
Department of Pension & Pensioners’ Welfare
3rd Floor, Lok Nayak Bhawan,
Khan Market, New Delhi,
19th July, 2017.
Sub: Eligibility of divorced daughters for grant of family pension - clarification regarding.  
Provision for grant of family pension to a widowed/divorced daughter beyond the age of 25 years has been made vide OM dated 30.08.2004. This provision has been included in clause (iii) of sub-rule 54 (6) of the CCS (Pension), Rules, 1972. 
2. As indicated in Rule 54(8) of the CCS (Pension) Rules, 1972, the turn of unmarried children below 25 years of age comes after the death or remarriage of their mother/father, i.e., the pensioner and his/her spouse. Thereafter, the family pension is payable to the disabled children for life and then to the unmarried/widowed/divorced daughters above the age of 25 years. 
3. It was clarified, vide this department Office Memorandum of even number, dated 11th September, 2013, that the family pension is payable to the children as they are considered to be dependent on the Government servant/pensioner or his/her spouse. A child who is not earning equal to or more than the sum of minimum family pension and dearness relief thereon is considered to be dependent on his/her parents. Therefore, only those children who are dependent and meet other conditions of eligibility for family pension at the time of death of the Government servant or his/her spouse, whichever is later, are eligible for family pension. If two or more children are eligible for family pension at that time, family pension will be payable to each child on his/her turn provided he/she is still eligible for family pension when the turn comes. 
4. It was clarified that a daughter if eligible, as explained in the preceding paragraph, may be granted family pension provided she fulfils all eligibility conditions at the time of death/ineligibility of her parents and still on the date her turn to receive family pension comes. Accordingly, divorced daughters who fulfil other conditions are eligible for family pension if a decree of divorce had been issued by the competent court during the life time of at least one of the parents. 
5. This department has been receiving grievances from various quarters that the divorce proceedings are a long drawn procedure which take many years before attaining finality. There are many cases in which the divorce proceedings of a daughter of a Government employee/pensioner had been instituted in the competent court during the life time of one or both of them but none of them was alive by the time the decree of divorce was granted by the competent authority. 
6. The matter has been examined in this department in consultation with Department of Expenditure and it has been decided to grant family pension to a divorced daughter in such cases where the divorce proceedings had been filed in a competent court during the life-time of the employee/pensioner or his/her spouse but divorce took place after their death – provided the claimant fulfils all other conditions for grant of family pension under rule 54 of the CCS (Pension) Rules, 1972. In such cases, the family pension will commence from the date of divorce. 
7. This issues with the concurrence of Ministry of Finance, Department of Expenditure, vide their ID No. 1(11)/EV/2017, dated 7th July, 2017. 
(D.K. Solanki)
Under Secretary to the Government of India
Tel. No. 24644632

Sunday, November 8, 2015

10th Federal Congress of FNPO held at Moulali Yuba Kendra, Kolkata.

10th Federal Congress of Federation National Postal Organisation held on and from 3th November to 6th November 2015 at Moulali Yuba Kendra, Kolkata. A good number of Delegates & Visitors attended the Congress. All General Secretaries and Circle Secretaries of FNPO Affiliated Union attended and took part in discussion in the session. From our Group - C union of West Bengal Circle, myself Rajat S Das, Manik Ch Dey Asstt. Circle Secretary, Sri Kausik Chakraborty, Circle Treasurer, Sri Somnath Majumder, Asstt Circle Secretary and Sanjoy Ghosh Divisional Secretary North Kolkata attended the Congress.
     Regarding Strike after threat bare discussion it is decided that we should not go on strike with leftist union/Federation and whenever necessary the final decision will be taken in consultation with all General Secretaries along with member of the Federation.
In the said Congress the following office bearers have been elected unanimously for next 3 years i.e. 2015-2018.
President…………………………….. T.N. Rahate, (Maharastra)
Working President………………….Rajat S. Das, (WB)
 Vice Presidents……………   1. Ghulam Rabbani, AP
2. R.S. Yadav, (UP)
 3. T.K. Govindarajan, (TN)
4. Ranjit P. Gohil, (Gujarat)
 Secretary General…………………… D. Theagarajan (TN)
 Deputy Secy.                                    Gen.D. Kishan Rao (AP)
1.  Asst. Secry. GenL, 1. N.N. Majawar, (Maharastra)
 2. B. Shivakumar (Karnataka)
 3. A.K. Solanki (Gujarat)
                                                  4. Rabindranath Biswas (WB)
                                                   5. R.H. Gupta (Maharastra)
Finance Secretary  …………… Brij Mohan (Delhi Circle)
 Asst. Finance Secy.                         Jagdish Sharma, (Delhi Circle)
 Departmental Council Members : The congress authorized the SG to nominate the following as the Departmental Council Members.
1. D. Kishan Rao, GS, NAPE ‘C’ 2. T.N. Rahate, GS, NUPM & MTS  3. D. Theagarajan, GS, NUR ‘C’
 4. N. Ramappa, GS, NUR IV
National Council Members :
Sri D. Kishen Rao has been nominated as National Council Member.
Constitutional Amendments :
1. The Federation quota will be Re.1/- irrespective of cadres.
2. Vacancies arise due to retirement/ resignation/death among the Federal working committee members will be filled up by the Federal Working Committee with minimum 15 days’ notice.
Auditor: - M/s. Lall & Co. New Delhi has been appointed as auditor.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Circle Secretary’s Mobile Lost.

The mobile of Circle Secretary is lost on the way to Purulia for attending Divisional Conference. It will take 4-5 day’s time to get the Sim bearing No 9433102352. Inconvenience caused to non availability of contact no is highly regretted. 

Friday, October 7, 2011




Monday, September 12, 2011

Office Bearer & Working Committee members elected on 10.09.2011

Following Office Bearers & Working Committee members of National Association of Postal Employees Group – C Murshidabad Division for coming two years have been elected unanimously in the 21st Divisional Conference held at Berhampore HO premises on 10/09/2011.
President: -                        Sri Swapan Kumar Choudhuri,   BCR PA Berhampore HO
Vice President: -               Smt Shantimayee Ghosh, Postmaster Berhampore HO
                                                Sri Achantya Kr Dutta, SPM Jemo Rajbati.(Kandi)
                                                Sri Umapada Raha, DPM Raghunathganj HO.

Secretary:-                          MANIK CHANDRA DEY, SPM BERHAMPORE CIVIL COURT
1)      Sri Keshab Mohan Trivedi, PA Berhampore HO.
2)      Sri Subhankar Ghatak,   PA Berhampore Ho.
3)      Sri Adhir Kumar Saha,     PA Kandi HO.
4)      Sri Sukhen Das,                 Pa Kandi HO
5)      Sri Gopal Saha, PA Raghunathganj
Treasurer: -                        Md. Aniqul Alam, PA Berhampore HO.
Asstt Treasurer: -             Sri Tirthankar Das, PA Berhampore HO.

Organizing Secretary: -  1) Sri A.M.M Hasanuzzaman, PA Berhampore HO.
                                                2) Sri Mithun Bhattacharya, SPM Islampore.
                                                3) Sri Mangalmoy Chatterjee,PA Farakka Barrage

Auditor: -                             Sri Jagannath Das,Accountant Divisional Office.

Working Committee:-

1)      Sri Biswajit Roy Choudhury,OA Divisional office.
2)      Sri Mukul Sarkar,OA Divisional office.
3)      Sri Subharangsu Pal, PA Berhampore
4)      Sri Subhamoy Roy ,SA Berhampore HO
5)      Sri Sandip Adhya,OA Divisional office.
6)      Sri Kausik Bhattacharyya, SPM Khagra
7)      Sri Md Israfil, PA Berhampore Ho
8)      Sri Gopal Biswas,SPM S.S.Sen Road
9)      Sri Puspita Ranjan Roy,SPM Daihatta Road
10)   Sri Subrata Choudhuri, OA Divisional office.
11)   Sri Kashinath SonarSPM Kansaribazar

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12)   Sri Biswanath Roy, PA Berhampore
13)   Sri Sujoy Sinha   SPM Gorabazar
14)   Sri Sandip Mondal, PA Berhampore
15)   Sri Prodip Singh, PA Berhampore
16)   Uttam Swarnakar ,PA Berhampore
17)   Sri Monindra Dewan,SPM M.Colony
18)   Sri Abhijit Goswami , PA Berhampore Ho
19)   Sunanda Dutta,                 OA Divisional office.
20)   Aruna Saha, Desig.SPM Laldighi
21)   Champa Roy,PA Berhampore
22)   Sri Pronab Banerjee, PA Amtala
23)   Mir Samsuzzoha, PA Beldanga
24)   Sri Snehasis Bhattacharya, PA Beldanga
25)   Sri Bibekananda Mondal, SPM Beldanga
26)   Sri Amanulla Biswas , SPM Basantapur
27)   Sri Sri Subrata Mukherjee,SPM Domkal
28)   Sri Praloy Das, PA Azimganj
29)   Sri Nripen Haldar, PA BSR
30)   Sri Jagadish Sarkar ,SPM Bhagabangola
31)   Sri Sabiar Rahaman ,PA Jiaganj
32)   Sri Sanat Kr Das, SPM Barala
33)   Sri Asish haldar, PA Dhuliyan
34)   Sri Ajoy Saha ,PA Dhuliyan
35)   Sri Jitupada Das ,PA Lalgila
36)   Sri Apurba Boral, PA Raghunathganj
37)   Sri Soumitra Guin, PA Raghunathganj
38)   Mita Chakraborty, SPM Rng Bazar
39)   Sri Pronab Chatterjee, PA Raghunathganj
40)   Sri Anjan Kabiraj, PA Raghunathganj
41)   Sri Dinobandhu Dutta, PA Kandi
42)   Sri Pannalal Bhattacharjee, PA Kandi HO
43)   Sri Laltu Mian, PA Kandi
44)   Sri Abdul Ali, SPM Barwan
45)   Sri Kabulezzaman, PA Kandi
46)   Sri Narendra Nath Pal, PA Bhabta
47)   Harasankar Das, SPM Kandi Bazar
48)   Sri Udai Pal PA ,Kandi HO
49)   Md. Yeasin ,PA Salar
50)   Uttam Kr Thakur , SPM Saktipur
51)   Sri Sadhan Kr Haldar , SPM Tenya
52)   Md Asraf Ali, PA Salar
53)   Sri Ananga Mohan Ghosh, SPM Nagar